A “deep-sea monster” washed up on the California coast

(ORDO NEWS) — In California, on the coast of Crystal Cove Park in the Laguna Beach area, a strange black fish was found. She had teeth, sharp as needles, and on her head a strange growth in the form of a fishing rod. This is a species of anglerfish and there are 200 such species in the world.

Reported by CNN.

The find was discovered by vacationers on the beach. Outwardly, the fish looks rather strange and creepy. The researchers said it was a deep-sea soccer ball. She lives at a depth of about 1000 kilometers. The individual turned out to be an adult female, it is they who have a stem that resembles a fishing rod. The animal has a spherical body with spike-like projections.

Also, females are much larger in size than males. There is a luminescent coating on the tips of the offshoot, which is necessary to attract prey.

The body of the fish is watery, without scales, but there is a protective covering of mucus. What else is known about these fish? The male attaches to the female, and their circulatory systems merge into one. Therefore, the animal completely loses its independence.

Scientists have taken the creature for research. After all, such an opportunity is extremely rare.


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