A dead star in the Milky Way sent a signal to Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have again captured a fast radio burst (FRB) that came from a magnetar in our galaxy. Signals have been coming from many parts of space for 13 years. Another burst was the first to come from an object in the Milky Way.

Fast radio bursts are single radio pulses that last for several milliseconds. Scientists are not yet able to say exactly how FRBs arise and what their nature is in general. The latest bursts not only occurred in our galaxy, but were also accompanied by other types of electromagnetic waves.

The magnetar was named SGR 1935 + 2154. He distinguished himself with incredibly violent activity: in addition to X-rays, radio waves followed with much greater intensity. Experts have not seen anything like this before.

The burst was registered by the ESA Integral satellite, and the strange signals were detected by the CHIME and STARE2 radio telescope. The discovery contributes to a better understanding of how magnetars work and what the possible origin of mysterious radio bursts is. Previously, scientists believed that it was magnetars that send signals. Now this information has been confirmed. These objects, according to some reports, were once neutron stars with an incredibly strong magnetic field.

So far, it is difficult to say whether magnetars are really to blame for the emergence of FRB. Scientists need more time and data to finally figure it out. If the signals are sent by magnetars, then you need to find out which types of them.

The burst in the Milky Way was slightly weaker than the signals that came from other systems in the Universe. Another observation made it clear that scientists are moving in the right direction. Perhaps the mystery will be solved very soon, said Keith Bannister of the State Association for Scientific and Applied Research.


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