A dangerous asteroid will not collide with the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Initial observations of an asteroid called 2022 AE1 showed a potential impact with Earth in July 2023. However, now, as scientists have reported, the threat is almost reduced to zero.

he asteroid has been removed from the Near Earth Objects Coordination Center (NEOCC) list. Scientists said that this object had the highest rating on the Palermo scale in more than a decade.

The Palermo scale is a logarithmic scale used by astronomers to assess potential hazards from near-Earth objects.

The scientists noted that it was very exciting to track 2022 AE1 and refine its trajectory. However, researchers now have enough data to say that there is nothing to fear.

It is worth noting that every day the automated system for determining the orbit of asteroids (AstOD) calculates the trajectories of the movement of celestial bodies and evaluates them on the Palermo scale.


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