A daily handful of almonds can help people manage obesity

(ORDO NEWS) — A lot of people are overweight, and proper nutrition is one of the key ways to avoid it. Now, Australian scientists have found that snacking on a handful of raw almonds every day can help hormonally regulate appetite and reduce food intake in the long term.

Obesity is one of the global public health problems. According to WHO, more than a billion people on Earth suffer from overweight, which worsens both physical and psychosocial health and well-being.

There are many ways to deal with this problem, but in the long term, a constant balance between energy consumed and consumed is required. Curiously, not always energy-rich foods – for example, nuts – lead to excess weight.

There are conflicting data on the ability of nuts to reduce body weight: some researchers argue that the consumption of nuts really helps to lose extra pounds, others – that, on the contrary, it only adds weight.

To clarify this issue, Australian scientists evaluated the effect of almonds on appetite-regulating hormones, self-reported appetite, and short-term energy intake.

The subjects (a total of 140 people) were randomly assigned to two groups: some people on an empty stomach ate a handful of raw almonds (its calorie content was about 15 percent of their daily energy requirement), others received a similar dose of calories from a nut-free carbohydrate bar.

After that, for two hours, the researchers conducted regular blood sampling to determine the level of hormones, and two hours later, the subjects were provided with a buffet at which they could eat.

The researchers found that subjects who ate almonds had less appetite during the subsequent meal. Their average portion compared to the serving of people who received a carbohydrate bar contained 70 kilocalories less (that’s about one slice of bread).

Also in the blood of “almond-eaters” increased the concentration of hormones responsible for the feeling of satiety and slowing down digestion. Both are useful for reducing the amount of food consumed and normalizing weight.

Of course, almonds are not a “miraculous” remedy that will quickly relieve people of overeating and excess weight problems, but 30-50 grams of nuts can be part of a healthy daily diet and allow people to reduce the amount of food they consume in the long term.

In addition, this snack is also good for general health, because almonds are rich in protein, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids.


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