A couple of lovers with a difference of 53 years shocked the public

(ORDO NEWS) — The age of love is not a hindrance. This is proved by a couple of lovers from Washington. Gary Hardwicke, a 24-year-old American, fell in love with 77-year-old Almeda six years ago. Feelings were mutual, and the couple found their happiness. Reported by CNN.

Gary says that he could not even imagine how cool his life would change love and relationships. He is not at all embarrassed by the age difference with his beloved. But the woman is 53 years older than her partner.

The community in the area is shocked by this alliance. But a happy couple doesn’t care what other people think. The main thing is that they are happy, and their relationship is getting stronger every day.

The young man claims that after 6 years of relationship, the chemistry between him and his partner has only become stronger. They also completely suit each other in an intimate sense. Their sex is regular and great, says Almeda.

The couple also laughs off questions about death. You never know what will happen to you tomorrow, the lovers say. Love each other and live in happiness, because there is only one life. Looking at these happy lovers, you really involuntarily begin to believe that all ages are submissive to love.


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