A cosmic hurricane was recorded in the Earth’s ionosphere, provoking a rain of electrons

(ORDO NEWS) — At the North Pole of the Earth, a huge “cloud” of plasma stretched for almost a thousand kilometers. This is the first time that specialists have managed to fix a cosmic hurricane that provoked a rain of electrons.

Experts were finally able to confirm the fact that space hurricanes do exist. They saw a very strange rain of electrons falling into the upper atmosphere of our planet. A similar statement was made by Chinese scientists after they analyzed a huge “cloud” of plasma.

The cosmic hurricane lasted for eight hours and then collapsed. At the same time, its streams rotated counterclockwise. Experts warned that such phenomena can provoke problems with GPS systems, but without them it will not be possible to learn more about the peculiarities of space weather.

Mike Lockwood added that cosmic hurricanes can be quite unique phenomena on every planet, where there is not only plasma, but also a magnetic field. It is worth noting that earlier experts managed to fix hurricanes on planets such as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. For the first time, a similar phenomenon was documented a couple of years ago, but only now there is evidence of its existence on Earth.


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