A conservationist believes that humanity will perish if it does not learn from the pandemic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Conservation activist Jane Goodall is convinced that people themselves are to blame for the similar situation with coronavirus. Pandemics could not have happened if people had not destroyed wild animals and were not involved in deforestation. If nothing changes in the near future, then humanity is doomed, according to her, to death.

Jane Goodall believes that the coronavirus was triggered by the destruction of the natural habitats of wild animals. Due to the fact that agriculture began to develop too intensively, the virus was able to quickly spread among animals, and then go to people. Such a statement was made by an expert and UN ambassador during a meeting with representatives of the European Union.

“We ourselves have incurred misfortune because we cannot respect nature and animals. People created a situation where the virus could easily infect a person, ”Goodall added.

Jane Goodall believes that people need to stop raising animals on an industrial scale, cut down forests, because this can cause not only the spread of new diseases, but also a real climate catastrophe. Also, superbacteria may soon appear that will not be afraid of even the most powerful antibiotics.

EU representatives fully agree with Goodall and are worried that not very suitable practices are applied for farming. Janusz Wojciechowski said that people need to switch to another diet rich in plants, and raise cattle only as an alternative to industrial practices.

It is worth noting that farming practices were also condemned by FAIRR analysts, who published their new report on this subject a few days ago.


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