A “canyon of fire” appeared on the Sun, which could become a threat to the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have warned that a “canyon of fire” appeared on the Sun a few days ago, which could cause an ejection of a cloud of charged particles directed toward our planet.

Previously, astronomers have already said that they noticed that the magnetic field of the Sun was disturbed. Because of this, the surface has become insufficiently stable. Violation in a magnetic field led to the formation of a structure, which was called the “canyon of fire.”

A coronal mass ejection was noted in this part of the star. At the moment, astronomers are afraid that the Sun may throw out another stream of plasma, but more powerful, which will be directed towards the Earth. Experts are now engaged in modeling this situation in order to determine whether the flux, if emitted, will affect the magnetic field of our planet. In addition, experts are worried that other plasma surges may happen in the future.

A stream of solar particles can trigger the aurora borealis. This happens when the particles begin to interact with the atmosphere of our planet. But today, experts warn that if the flow is too strong, this will provoke not only the northern lights and magnetic storms, but also many other unpleasant consequences.

Too strong a solar wind can lead to heating of the atmosphere, which will cause its sharp expansion. In addition, currents can increase in the magnetosphere, which will negatively affect the voltage in the power lines. Satellites may also be affected.

Professor Sandra Chapman noted that over the past 150 years there have been only 6 strong solar storms that have extremely negatively affected the Earth. This phenomenon is very rare, so there is no cause for concern yet.


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