A cancer patient ended up in the afterlife, but decided to return to pain and suffering

(ORDO NEWS) — A man named RenĂ© suffered from cancer of the lymph nodes. In 1993, chemotherapy caused the patient to develop multiple thrombosis. They caused bouts of vomiting, severe sweating and partial loss of vision. Disruption of blood circulation in the brain led to a coma.

Since the man developed sinus thrombosis, he needed urgent brain surgery. The doctors decided that Rene was not in pain, so they did not administer pain relievers. In fact, the man felt everything. He had the impression that he was in a hot frying pan, the voices amplified hundreds of times drove him crazy. He expected his brain to explode.

Fever, unbearable pain and a sound tearing his head made the man literally dream of death. Suddenly everything fell silent, it became easy. If at first Rene was in the ward and saw everything from the side, then after a moment he was in the park. Birds sang in it, amazing plants grew. Rene noticed a small house with a tall man standing in front of it. The stranger greeted the guest politely.

After a while, the man decided to leave the house, as he felt uncomfortable. Finally, the owner decided to show a film with the future of the young man. Rene saw himself giving a presentation to healthcare professionals, writing reports and lecturing at the college. The man was looking for new ways to help the sick and even sat in the dock. The court, fortunately, acquitted Rene.

The future life promised many problems, but the man understood that this was exactly what he wanted. The end of the film told about death from old age, not from cancer.

The young man returned to his body, but for a long time could not get out of the coma. He could only look at the doctors with big talking eyes. Near-death experience made René a clairvoyant. A man can see the auras of others and can read minds.


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