A calf with a very rare mutation was born in the USA

(ORDO NEWS) — A calf with a rare and unusual mutation was born on one of the American farms.

It occurs even less than in 0.5% of cases among cattle. To be more precise, the probability of the birth of such mutants is only 0.39%.

The calf was born with two heads. Since this is a rare and complex pathology, the animal did not survive. However, it was possible to save the cow that was carrying him.

Leslie Haneville told about the unusual mutant on the Internet. This 38-year-old American took care of her parents’ cattle.

They have farms in Nevada and in California, where the woman helped with the farm from an early age.

Leslie said she noticed one of the cows about to calve. In principle, it is not difficult for cows to give birth, but the presence of a person nearby is important.

Sometimes the calf needs to be pulled from the heifer, sometimes it is necessary to inject medicine into an adult animal. Situations are different, for example, like this one.

Honeyville examined the cow during labor and noticed that the baby’s head and hooves were already in the birth canal. In the beginning, it was expected that the birth would go smoothly, but something went wrong.

One calf’s head appeared, but something prevented it from being born. A re-examination confirmed that there was something else preventing the calf from exiting. No one could have guessed that it was another head.

Fortunately, Leslie is an experienced breeder. Therefore, she quickly realized what to do. She had never seen anything like this in her entire life.

Such a mutation is called polycephaly. It also occurs in other animals, such as cats, mice, birds, and even humans. In such cases, the mutant rarely manages to survive.

In fact, it was supposed to be twins who were joined in the womb and their organ systems became one. Polycephals often have many internal pathologies that are incompatible with life, which is why they mostly die.


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