A British couple found a secret room under the floor of their house

(ORDO NEWS) — A married couple from the small town of Cradley Heath, which is located in the UK, discovered a secret room. It was located under the floor of their house. In this room, the couple made a very good cinema.

After the couple began removing the floor and tearing off the old boards, they discovered a ladder. On it it was possible to go down to a very old basement, which looked extremely frightening.

Downstairs, the family found a really creepy room, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bwhich was approximately 12 square meters. It was filled with water and a huge amount of rubble. Too high a humidity index caused the steps and beams to begin to rot badly, so they had to be replaced.

Ben Mann first started repairing the main part of their house and only then proceeded to make changes in the discovered room. He noted the fact that despite the fact that a huge amount of work had to be done in the basement, its presence was a real gift for a married couple.

When the Manns began renovating the secret room, they decided to make it a modern and spacious home theater, and at the same time equip a separate place where their one-year-old daughter Bella could play. In total, almost 4.5 thousand pounds were spent on updating the room.

The premises were refurbished to a high standard, rotting wooden beams and stairs were replaced, a sofa and a projector were installed, and a bar was also equipped. Mann said that he did many of the work himself, and also used those materials that were already in use. This helped to significantly save on repairs.


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