A blow from space destroyed the biblical city of Sodom: evidence found

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists have carefully explored the area where the city of Tall el-Hammam was once located. They discovered ceramics, as well as building materials, that melted under the influence of incredibly high temperatures.

That is why it was concluded that the cause of the destruction of “Sodom” was an explosion that occurred in the air about 3650 years ago. Reported by Scitechdily.

Several thousand years ago, this huge city was directly at the peak of its prosperity. It was located on a small hill next to the Jordan River. This settlement is considered one of the most densely populated cities that existed in the Bronze Age. It is worth noting that Tall el-Hammam was about 10 times larger than Jerusalem.

On this territory, experts have repeatedly found artifacts that belong not only to different cultures, but also belong to different eras. The layer, which dates back to the Bronze Age, most attracted the attention of archaeologists due to the molten building materials and pottery.

The temperature that affected them was much higher than that used by the manufacturers.

James Kennett talked about the temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees. Scientists talk about a fairly strong cosmic explosion, which caused the destruction of the entire city. Once again, the theory of specialists was confirmed after analyzing the soil, in which they found a huge number of microscopic spherical formations containing iron and quartz.


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