A bloody woman was found on a Croatian sparsely populated island

(ORDO NEWS) — On the Croatian island of Krk, an unknown woman was found who could not remember her name. She looked almost 60 years old. Initially, all that was known about her is that she speaks very good English and has a slight Scottish accent.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

The woman was found by one of the local fishermen. The man noted that he first noticed her on September 11 directly on the reefs. When the next morning the fisherman was sailing close enough in a boat, the woman suddenly began to call for help. He could not get to her on his own, so he immediately called rescuers to the scene.

12 people were involved in saving the woman. She was covered in blood, and her body was covered with numerous bruises. The stranger was too weak. She could not walk on her own, so rescuers carried her on a stretcher for about three kilometers to be placed in an ambulance. At the moment, she was hospitalized in a hospital located in the city of Rijek.

For a long time, the Croatian police officers could not identify the woman’s identity. She does not know her name and where she lives, does not have any documents that could confirm her identity. Only a few days later it was possible to establish that this is a tourist from Slovakia, who turned 57 years old. Presumably her name is Daniela.


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