A black square and a white triangle were found in pictures from Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — In the pictures taken by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity spacecraft, well-known ufologist Scott Waring discovered something strange. So, he drew attention to several objects in the form of a black square and a white triangle.

The pictures were taken back in September 2016, when the rover was on the 1463rd day on the Red Planet. On the stone cliff, you can clearly see the figures: a light equilateral triangle, which seems to be glued, as well as a dark square. It is very strange to observe regular geometric shapes on Mars. It is generally accepted that nature cannot create them.

The image cannot be called Photoshop, since it is published on the website of the space agency. It is interesting that the triangle in its appearance resembles monoliths, which appeared not so long ago in different parts of the Earth. The first object was stumbled upon in Utah. After his abduction, only a small bottom remained – a triangular base.

Perhaps there is no connection between the Martian and Earth finds, and their similarity is just a coincidence. NASA specialists did not comment on the discovered object in any way.


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