A black hole in the Milky Way is pulling in a giant object

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(ORDO NEWS) — It is surprising, but at the heart of our galaxy there is an unusual black hole. Now she is stretching the space object, which will soon break. This process has been monitored for 20 years.

The Sagittarius A black hole has been attracting a space object for the past two decades.

All this is observed by NASA astronomers from the Keck Observatory in Hawaii. Everything goes to the point that the object will simply break into pieces.

This happens due to the gravity of the black hole. It, like a dust collector, simply absorbs everything in its path: stars, planets, meteorites, gas clouds.

Sagittarius A is now absorbing a huge cloud of gas, by the way, its mass is 50 times greater than that of our planet.

Yes, the absorption lasts thirty years, and all the beauty and sadness is that the death of the cloud is inevitable. No space object has yet overcome the gravity of the holes.

Recent observations show that the cloud has already stretched along for trillions of kilometers. Now its length is approximately 3000 astronomical units.

This sad and incredibly beautiful process will last until 2036 at most. Then the cloud will be torn apart, and the black hole will completely absorb it.

Astronomers will continue observations, although it is very difficult to conduct them. The fact is that the center of our galaxy is filled with a huge number of stars and gas.

Such concentration prevents full observation. It is very easy to get confused in all this, even with the presence of super-powerful observatories and satellites in space.

Professor Mark Morris from the University of California says that when the cloud is torn apart, some of its fragments will remain and will circle around the black hole.

And then it will be clearly visible, because the remnants of gases will produce a huge amount of heat and energy, thereby illuminating Sagittarius A.


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