A 7,000-year-old letter in an unknown language was found in Bulgaria

(ORDO NEWS) — In central Bulgaria, in the city of Bata, an amazing tablet with a proto-letter was discovered, which was created in the intermediate period between the Stone Age and the Copper Age 7 thousand years ago.

The uniqueness of the find lies in the fact that it was written in an unknown language, so specialists now have big problems with decoding the text. The tablet is covered with carvings, which are called proto-letters. This concept was introduced in the 1960s, when three clay tablets were discovered in Romania.

The artifact was created by a settlement that existed at the end of the late Neolithic (New Stone Age), this is approximately 5100-4800 years. BC. It occupied an area of ​​150 thousand square meters.

Scientists have already encountered prehistoric writing. Unfortunately, there has been no progress in decoding the signs.


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