A 700-meter asteroid is approaching the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — A potentially dangerous asteroid is flying toward Earth. Its dimensions are gigantic, its speed is enormous. Should earthlings worry about the end of the world?

NASA discovered a dangerous asteroid, and experts calculated its size and flight path. The space object was named 2022 RM4. Its estimated diameter is from 330 to 740 meters.

It is slightly smaller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The speed of 2022 RM4 is 68 times faster than the speed of sound and is 84.5 thousand km/h.

The asteroid will fly by the Earth  at a distance of 2.3 million km. For comparison, the distance between the Moon and the Earth is 6 times smaller, but even this distance is considered huge by cosmic standards.

Earth is safe this time. NASA said that any object passing by our planet within 7.5 million km is considered “potentially dangerous”. Objects whose dimensions exceed 150 meters can also be recognized as such.

As soon as a meteorite is considered potentially dangerous, astronomers begin to closely monitor it.

Specialists study various deviations in the trajectory using a special radar. This is necessary in order to calculate a possible collision with the Earth in time and try to prevent it.

How can you shoot down an asteroid in space? The matter is complicated, but space agencies around the world are developing an algorithm of actions in case of danger.

A satellite or many satellites, as well as ballistic or nuclear missiles, can be directed towards a space object.

Similar tests in space have already been conducted and were successful. It is known that on September 26, the DART spacecraft redirected the asteroid Dimorphos. This is the first such experience, and the Americans implemented it.

Now China also hopes that it will be able to achieve success in shooting down an asteroid. Chinese astronauts will try to launch 23 rockets at asteroid Bennu, because they are not ready to sacrifice the satellite.


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