A 67-year-old man ate raw meat and did not wash

(ORDO NEWS) — A 67-year-old man ate raw meat, did not bathe and avoided serious illnesses.

A villager in Iran refused to wash for 67 years out of fear of being unhappy or killed. The story of the Iranian is published by the Daily Star.

Amu Haji, 87, lives in a small hut, eats carrion, mostly raw meat from porcupines killed by wheels, and drinks rainwater. His favorite pastime is smoking a pipe filled with animal dung.

Haji’s unusual lifestyle prevented him from making friends and family, but his dedication to his chosen path impressed the locals so much that they gave him a hut as a gift. Previously, a man’s house was a pit.

The doctors decided to visit the Iranian and check how the lack of hygiene and non-standard diet affected his health. During the examination, doctors were surprised to find that Hadji managed to avoid serious illnesses.

Moreover, no parasites were found on his body. The only thing that bothered the Iranian was trichinosis (a parasitic disease accompanied by fever, swelling, rash and damage to internal organs).

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