A 6-year-old girl claims she is the reincarnation of a famous opera singer

(ORDO NEWS) — Kira Angelica’s hair stood on end after her little girl Dorothy revealed incredibly accurate details about her past life.

A six-year-old girl stunned her mother by declaring that she was reincarnated from a past life when she was an opera singer.

Dorothy Angelica startled her mother when she revealed the exact details of life as her “previous self” Lily Pons, including her death from cancer in the 1970s.

Kira’s mom Anjelica shared her little girl’s complaints with California doctor and reincarnation researcher Walter Semkiv, as well as recounting a horrific vision when she was eight months pregnant with Dorothy.

Kira dreamed of a smiling young girl in a plaid dress and heard a voice calling, “Mom, Mom.”

The girl then disappeared, but after Dorothy was born and matured, Kira noted that her daughter was very similar to the ghostly image she had seen, as well as Lily Pons.

From a very young age, Dorothy’s singing was perfect, and Kira says she also had a “magnetic stage presence” when she performed in a musical production at the age of three.

Lily Pons was a New York Metropolitan Opera soprano star before pursuing a career in Hollywood and television.

A 6 year old girl claims she is the reincarnation of a famous opera singer 2

By the time Dorothy was six years old, Kira told her about the vision, and her daughter decided to meditate in an attempt to figure out who this girl might have been in a past life.

“Dorothy began to tell the details of a possible life,” Dr. Semkiv said. “Kira grabbed a notebook and documented Dorothy’s words.”

“She thought her daughter was describing imaginary things, but suddenly she opened her eyes and said: “Mom, I know who I was in a past life.

Her name was something like Lisey or Lily, but her real name was Alice Pons.”

After searching Google, Kira learned all about Lily Pons’ life as a New York Metropolitan Opera soprano star, as well as her career in Hollywood in the 1930s and transition to television in the 1950s.

Then, when she read that the French-born singer’s name was Alice Pons, Kira “nearly fainted” and was even more stunned when Dorothy gave more details about Lily, including her ability to speak multiple languages ​​and play on the piano.

She also knew that Lily became a professional singer at the age of 22. She loved wild cats and birdsong.

Probably most frightening was that Dorothy developed stomach pains before one day announcing that Lily Pons had “died of severe stomach pain”.

She did indeed die of pancreatic cancer in 1976, and Dr. Semkiv wrote, “Reading this made Kira’s hair stand on end!”

He believes that this case has all the hallmarks of a real reincarnation case where Dorothy and Lily Pons have similar facial features.

“Alice Pons’ singing and acting talent is replicated as Dorothy Angelica,” he added.

Dr. Semkiv, who has studied thousands of potential cases of reincarnation, also believes that Kira’s vision was a “proclaiming dream” – a phenomenon first identified by pioneer reincarnation researcher Professor Ian Stevenson, who believed there was evidence that souls send dreams to families in which they are going to come true.


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