A 50,000-year-old comet is approaching Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — A very rare comet is moving towards Earth. Scientists say that she is 50 thousand years old.

When it flew past the planet last time, it was inhabited by Neanderthals. C/2022 E3 has now  entered the inner part of the solar system.

Earthlings will be able to see the comet very soon.

Astronomers say that it will approach the Earth on January 12, and from February 1 to 2 it will already be visible in the sky. It is best, of course, to observe this object with binoculars.

NASA confirms that the comet will indeed be visible in the sky. For example, residents of the Northern Hemisphere will see it in the morning sky in January.

Those who live in the Southern Hemisphere will be able to witness an unusual phenomenon only in February. C / 2022 E3 will be in the constellation Camel when it approaches our planet.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory told us a little more about comet C/2022 E3. It was here that her age was indicated, and when she last flew by the Earth.

Scientists say that the last people who saw her before lived during the last ice age.

The long-period comet was discovered at the beginning of March last year. It was discovered by Bryce Bolin and Frank Muskie.

At the beginning, it was mistaken for an asteroid, but during further observations, a tail was noticed in the comet, and the space object was renamed.

Scientists say that on January 12, 2023, it will reach perihelion 166 million km from Earth.

In the first days of February, there will be a maximum approach to the planet (the distance will decrease to 42 million km). Then the comet will be 6 magnitude brighter.

Such phenomena are extremely rare and it is very interesting to watch them every time.

Scientists claim that the comet has a pronounced tail, it will be incredibly bright and beautiful. The best impression of the winter of 2023 can be obtained by watching S/2022 E3.


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