A 4-kilometer asteroid is approaching Earth: is it worth fearing

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On April 21, in the city of Groningen (Holland), people observed a bright meteorite that fell in the middle of a white day. According to experts, this was most likely a breakaway fragment from a huge rock. If this is the case, then a huge body can fall to Earth.

Conspiracy theorists after a long search for information on the Internet were able to find something on the NASA website. The space agency warns of the most dangerous ever seen asteroids with a diameter of 4.1 kilometers. If the body collapses, mass extinction is inevitable.

The approaching object was codenamed 52768, and now its movement is being monitored by the CNEOS Near Earth Research Center. The speed of the asteroid is 31.32 km / h.

The approach of the asteroid to the Earth will happen on April 29, the distance between the bodies will be approximately 6.3 million kilometers. In general, this distance is enough so that the planet’s gravity does not “hook” the object.

The apocalypse will not happen if the rock does not change its flight path. If a fall occurs, a crater with a depth of 50 kilometers is formed. The strongest earthquakes, as well as thermal waves, spreading around the planet. There will be so much dust that it will not allow the sun’s rays to get through it. Nuclear winter will cause the death of many creatures.


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