A 36-meter asteroid is approaching the Earth

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(ORDO NEWS) — NASA employees have provided information regarding the fact that a potentially dangerous asteroid is flying towards our planet, the speed of which is 27 times greater than the speed of sound.

A space rock flies 10 times faster than a bullet. At the same time, it has a small size. The object will approach the Earth at the minimum distance already on September 6.

The space stone was named 2022 QC7. It has a small size. Experts say that the diameter of the asteroid is in the range of 16-36 meters, but they tend to believe that the last value is correct.

It can be compared with the Boeing 767 airliner, which has a wingspan of 48 meters.

2022 QC7 is heading towards Earth at an incredibly high speed, reaching the mark of 9.1 km/s or 32,760 kilometers per hour. As a comparison, you can take a bullet that flies 10 times slower than a space rock.

Scientists say that this asteroid does not pose any threat to our planet. It will fly by the Earth on September 6 at a distance of about 4.6 million kilometers.

If we take into account cosmic standards, then the distance is not very great, but at the same time, the Moon is only 384 thousand kilometers away from our planet.

Even if a collision were to occur, it would not cause a large-scale disaster. A rock can explode directly in the atmosphere when it enters it. This will cause minimal damage to the planet.

More dangerous for the earth are those space stones, the diameter of which exceeds the mark of 140 meters, because a huge amount of energy is released during their fall.


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