A 3,000-year-old amulet was accidentally found in Israel

(ORDO NEWS) — In Israel, during an excursion given to eighth-graders, a scarab amulet was found by accident. The artifact is 3,000 years old and is believed to have belonged to a local ruler.

The excursion was conducted in the Azores, and the tour guide found the amulet. The lucky guy’s name is Gilad Stern. He saw the artifact lying on the ground, noticing it completely by accident.

At first, the man thought it was a small toy. Maybe one of the students lost it. When he took the find in his hands, he immediately realized how rare the amulet was.

The fact that it lay unnoticed for 3000 years is a real miracle. During this time, millions of people have passed through here.

Thus, an ordinary tour of holy places turned into an incredible adventure. Schoolchildren took many photos.

Gilad Stern said that the students were delighted, immediately began to look around and carefully look under their feet. Most likely, they also hoped to find something similar.

In the ancient world, such a scarab amulet could belong only to a local Canaanite ruler. The scarab symbolized the transfer of power, whoever had the beetle ruled the city.

Scarabs are only in Egyptian culture, but they spread far beyond the borders of their state. For example, hundreds of scarabs have been discovered in Israel. Previously, they were used as a seal, a symbol of power.

They were exclusively in the hands of ruling families. At that time, the Egyptian Empire ruled the territory of modern Israel. Canaan was completely subordinate to her.

Researchers have carefully examined the amulet and say that it is unusual for Egypt. Incisions were found on the back, which were not present on the previous finds.

A more detailed analysis is only planned to be done. Archaeologists are sure that at one time the “beetle” was deliberately hidden by burying it in the ground along with other objects.


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