A 2015 photo shows a stranger from another century

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(ORDO NEWS) — A Reddit user took a photo of his friends, but when he looked back at the pictures, he noticed the strange silhouette of a long-dead soldier. As it turned out, there was an uninvited guest at the gatherings, whom no one even noticed. In order to believe in this, one must also believe that after death there is life.

User Europe_Is_My_Nation was shocked when he looked at the photos he had taken earlier. He said that in 2015, the United States celebrated Independence Day with his friends in nature. In one of the photos in the background, you can see a stranger who very much resembles a soldier.

A musket is also seen in his hands. At the same time, the user’s friends sit quietly in the foreground and do not even suspect that at this moment they are not themselves.

Europe_Is_My_Nation said they were celebrating in eastern Kentucky. He has heard more than once that this place is the burial place of soldiers who died during the Civil War.

It is worth noting that the picture interested many users, but still there were those who considered it a fake, which was reported in numerous comments under the post.


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