A 1,500-year-old arrow was found in Norwegian glaciers

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Jötunheimen mountain massif, there is an area of ​​ice that has begun to melt actively. Scientists immediately paid attention to it and began to study it.

They set up their own camp at an altitude of about 1,750 meters above sea level. Almost immediately after arriving in the mountains, archaeologists managed to find an ancient arrow with an iron tip, which was preserved in excellent condition.

The approximate age of the artifact reaches 1500 years. The arrow was made during the Norwegian Iron Age. They found her between huge stones, which were located at the very edge of the ice area.

Presumably, they lost it a little higher, but gradually the melted water washed away the product. When the ice began to melt more actively, the arrow became visible on the surface.

The guess of scientists is confirmed by the fact that there are no feathers on the arrow. In other words, the product does not have aerodynamic stabilization from bark or feathers, which, as a rule, is made in the form of a fin.

Scientists also managed to find traces of resin and sinew, but they could not be preserved in a good enough condition.

The arrow was made narrower towards the end. At the same time, the nock is slightly thickened so that it can be easily caught on the string.

Craftsmen used resin to glue feathers to the petiole. Traces of the thread that was used to fasten the plumage have survived to this day.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that at the very beginning of this year in Jotunheim, in the mountains, an ancient arrow was already found. Her age reached 1700 years.

It was found with an iron tip. At the same time, the winding made of tendons, as well as the aerodynamic plumage, has been well preserved.

Other unique finds in this area include ancient skis from the prehistoric period and boots from the Bronze Age.

Archaeologists have even discovered Viking settlements, where there were many household items, sleds and the remains of dead animals.


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