9-year-old boy lived in a dog cage for 7 months because of his parents

(ORDO NEWS) — A couple from the US state of Kentucky kicked out their 9-year-old son to live in a dog kennel. The Daily Mail writes about it.

In October, a caring resident of Lexington turned to the police. He noticed that the boy slept all night in a cage outside.

With a check, law enforcement officers raided the family. They found the child in the dog kennel. The boy sat there without shoes, in a thin T-shirt and jeans.

The parents gave the student two blankets, a coat, a sweatshirt, boots, two short-sleeved shirts and a pair of pants. All clothes were wet, and the temperature outside dropped to -2 degrees.

The couple admitted that they kicked their son out to live in a cage because he did not have enough room in the house. In total, the child lived in the aviary for seven months.

The boy was taken to the hospital, now nothing threatens his health. Five brothers and sisters of the child are now guarded, and their parents and mother’s aunt have been arrested.


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