9 scientific benefits of cats

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(ORDO NEWS) — Studies have shown that watching YouTube cat videos can boost your energy and mood, which will have a positive effect on your mental state. In fact, cat owners have a huge number of benefits!

If you have long wanted to get a cat, then this is a sign! Do you need a pet urgently?

If you think that life with a cat is a one-sided relationship, then we are ready to change your mind. What does the science say about cohabitation with a furry pet?

9 scientific benefits of cats 2

The cat is an eco-friendly pet

Studies show that cats have a smaller carbon footprint than dogs. A 2009 paper says the resources needed to feed a dog throughout its life create the same footprint as a Land Cruiser. Meanwhile, cats that eat less overall and prefer fish over beef more often have a carbon footprint as small as a small hatchback.

Cats help you get through tough times

Losing a loved one is incredibly painful, but one of the best ways to deal with it is to have a pet. Cats have been shown to help people get over loss faster. These pets serve as social support during difficult times. People in mourning report talking to their pet to sort out their feelings.

Cats can help find a mate

A UK survey found that 82% of women agreed they were more attracted to men who love animals. And while having a dog will definitely get you a couple of new dates, 90% of single women said that men who have a cat are “handier” than other guys.

Cat owners are very smart

A 2010 study by the University of Bristol found that cat owners were more likely to have a university degree than those who owned a dog.

In 2014, another study showed that cat owners are also more intelligent. (Of course, the cat itself does not make the owner smarter: the researchers who conducted the Bristol survey said that smart people tend to work longer, and because cats require less attention than dogs, they are the best choice for a busy intellectual)

Cats affect heart health

In fact, having any pet in the house will have a positive effect on your heart system. Cats, in particular, reduce stress and anxiety levels. When cats pet, it has a calming effect on humans. One study indicated that over a 10-year period, cat owners were 30% less likely to die from a heart attack or stroke than other pet owners.

Cats get rid of loneliness

The idea that dogs are more friendly and outgoing than cats is just a stereotype. An Austrian study in 2003 found that having a cat in the home is the emotional equivalent of having a romantic partner.

In addition to the fact that cats make contact most of the time, studies have shown that these animals will remember the kindness shown to them and later return the same.

The cat is a mirror of your personality

Choosing a pet reveals something about your personality. While dog lovers tend to be the life of the party, cat owners are more laid back and introverted. However, studies show that cat people are more trustworthy and less manipulative.

Your pet guards your sleep

Several studies have shown that people (especially women) who choose to sleep with their cats have better quality sleep. Scientists say that 41% of participants in such studies talk about improving sleep, and only 20% believe that it is uncomfortable to sleep like this.

Cats can reduce allergies

It is ironic, but it is believed that children under the age of one who were in contact with a cat were less likely to develop allergies.

Scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, USA, say that “high exposure to pets early in life appears to protect not only against pet allergies, but also against other types of common allergies, such as dust mite allergy.” , ambrosia and grass.


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