9 ghost ships discovered off the coast of US

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Ghost ships were discovered off the coast of San Francisco in the United States . A specialist from SkyTruth and Global Fishing Watch tracked the routes of 9 vessels, the coordinates of which seemed strange to him, Newsweek reports.

It was clarified that the ships transmitted signals about being located near Point Reyes Cape to the north-west of the city, while in reality there were no such ships in these places.

It is reported that the 9 ships in question were sailing thousands of miles from that location at that time.

Note that according to the SOLAS 74/88 Convention, all commercial vessels of certain sizes are required to have an automatic identification system (AIS) on board, thanks to which it is possible to establish the exact coordinates of the location of a vessel.

According to Bjorn Bergman, who made a find about the discrepancy between the data obtained by the automation, such cases were previously recorded in China. Then it turned out that the AIS was hacked by someone intentionally. It is noted that often the true coordinates of the location of those vessels that engage in illegal fishing are hidden.

However, what exactly the ships allegedly sailing at San Francisco are trying to hide on their board is currently unknown. The reason for such geolocation data, as the specialist noted, could also be equipment breakdown. Bergman noted that the circular trajectories of the ships are so strange that it is unlikely that someone “painted” them intentionally.

Earlier, a US court allowed a wreck-lifting company to cut the wreck of the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to get Marconi’s wireless telegraph, known as the Titanic’s voice.


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