8400 coins of the 13th-4th centuries discovered in Britain

(ORDO NEWS) — A large hoard of medieval coins was discovered in the UK. This is reported by the Daily Record.

The discovery was made near the Scottish city of Dunscor. This is one of the largest medieval coin hoards in Scottish history, according to the speaker of the treasure hunt team.

“Now every coin is catalogued. This requires identifying, photographing, measuring and weighing each of them,” the experts explain. In total, the treasure contains 8400 silver coins.

Under Scottish law, any discovered artifact of archaeological significance, whether made of precious metals or not, belongs to the Crown and must be handed over to the authorities.

However, the Crown does not always exercise its rights. The decision is made each time individually, based on the recommendations of the Scottish group on the distribution of archaeological finds.

If the state takes the find, the finder receives an ex gratia payment.


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