8,000-year-old human skeleton found in flooded cave in Mexico

(ORDO NEWS) — A prehistoric human skeleton dating from the end of the last ice age has been discovered in a cave system in Mexico. Researchers believe the skeleton is about 8,000 years old.

The skeleton holds many secrets, just like the region itself

Speleologist Octavio Del Rio noted that scientists do not know if the body was buried there or if this person died right in the cave. Scientists also do not yet know anything about the man himself.

He or she, what weight, whether the person had a disease – these questions remain to be explored. Laboratory analysis will determine the details after the remains are recovered from the cave.

The skeleton itself lies at a depth of about eight meters. Archaeologists believe that man died at the end of the last ice age, when sea levels rose.

Problems of history

8000 year old human skeleton found in flooded cave in Mexico 2

Scientists do not disclose the location of the cave for fear that this place could be looted. It is only known that the cave is located near Tulum and the Caribbean coast.

Experts believe that some of these caves are threatened by the country’s development projects, such as the railroad.

Archaeologists believe that if the government builds railway lines in the area, then 60 kilometers of history will be at risk.

Previously, an almost complete skeleton of a young woman who died about 13,000 years ago has already been found in these places.

Similar remains and artifacts in this region may never be found unless the authorities stop construction.


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