800-year cycle: astrologer named the cause of misfortune in 2020

(ORDO NEWS) — According to astrologer Alexei Fandeev, throughout December, people were influenced by two planets – Saturn and Jupiter. Every 800 years, they come close to an incredible small distance. On December 21, they came as close as possible to each other. Moving planets and rare events made 2020 a shocking year.

Regular natural cataclysms, pandemic and military skirmishes are caused precisely by the rapprochement of Saturn and Jupiter. These planets converge every few centuries. The events that astrologers observe today occur once every 800 years. It’s about changing cycles.

The previous cycle began in 1226. Then the crusade of Louis IX came to the end with defeat. Modern society also needs change. And they come, peacefully or by force – it doesn’t matter.

2020 is the junction of different eras. It acts as a bridge connecting the past and the future. Very soon, the patronage will pass to Aquarius, who personifies the boundless space. Change is inevitable and does not wait for our readiness. It’s time for people to wake up and take action, laying the foundation for their future.


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