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80 asteroids passed near the Earth in one month

Scientists ice age was caused by asteroid rain

(ORDO NEWS) — Roscosmos reported on asteroids recorded by scientists that passed close to Earth during August.

One of these cosmic bodies passed our planet at a distance of only eight thousand kilometers. Other objects passed at a farther distance. All objects observed by astronomers belong to the Apollo group, 70 of which were previously unknown to scientists.

Asteroids of the Apollo group are objects whose flight path intersects with the Earth’s orbit. In “Roscosmos” explained that asteroids from this group often pass near the Earth.

Some researchers believe that modern search methods do not allow one to notice absolutely all cosmic bodies. Scientists quite often discover new objects only on approach to Earth.

One such case occurred in the summer of 2019, when the European Space Agency (ESA) overlooked an object that passed only 70 thousand kilometers from our planet. Interestingly, they found this out only a month later, when they looked through the archives of data from satellites.

Earlier NASA warned that on September 1, an asteroid 49 meters in size will pass at a distance of about 120,000 km near our planet. Scientists called such a rapprochement insignificant and not carrying potential danger.


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