8 predictions of Nostradamus for 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — After the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and various cataclysms, it is difficult to surprise humanity with something. But Nostradamus claims that the most significant events that will forever change the planet are still ahead.

Nostradamus is perhaps the most famous prophet in human history. His predictions are written in the form of quatrain verses (quatrains), and many of them have already come true.

There have been many predictions about the future this year that are believed to belong to the great Nostradamus. Here are 8 of his prophecies for 2021.

1. Zombie apocalypse

A Russian scientist will create a biological weapon-virus that can turn people into zombies. The end of humanity may be closer than we think

2. Biblical famine

Nostradamus predicts that the first signs of the end of the world will be hunger, earthquakes, various diseases and epidemics. They will happen more often. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic marks the beginning of a series of adverse events that will affect populations around the world. A catastrophe of immense proportions will return us to the past, and most of the world’s population will not be able to overcome this curse.

3. Muslims will take over Europe

The “camel” from the prophecies of Nostradamus is a symbol of the Arab population that floods all of Europe. It is unclear whether 2021 will see a new wave of emigration, or demographic projections of low fertility in Europe and large numbers of refugees will catalyze this change.

4. Solar storms

In 2021, there will be powerful solar storms that can cause great damage to the planet. It is believed that Nostradamus warned: “We will see how the water rises, and the earth hides under it.” The harmful effects of climate change will lead to many wars and conflicts as the world competes for resources and massive migration ensues.

5. The asteroid will collide with the Earth or come close to it

“In the sky, a person will see fire and a long trail of sparks.” This can be interpreted as impending natural disasters, but according to other interpretations of this quatrain, we are talking about a large asteroid that will collide with Earth. Once in the Earth’s atmosphere, the asteroid will heat up and appear to be on fire in the sky. Indeed, NASA has announced that there is a very real danger that asteroid 2009 KF1 will collide with Earth on May 6, 2021.

6. A terrible earthquake will destroy California

According to the interpretation of the quatrain, written by Nostradamus, an extremely powerful earthquake will destroy California in 2021. Nostradamus predicts that a massive earthquake will hit the New World (“western lands”), and California is the most obvious place where it could happen. According to astrologers, the verse “Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn is extinguished” indicates the next date when the planets Mars and Saturn will be in this position in the sky – November 25, 2021.

7. Chips will be implanted into the heads of American soldiers

American soldiers will be the first human robots to save humanity. The chip implanted in his brain should give us the digital intelligence we need to go beyond biology.

8. Pope Francis will bring people closer to the church

No matter how many years Pope Francis remains the leader of the Catholic Church, he will leave a wonderful and impressive legacy in his wake. The church will become a lifeboat for more and more people.


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