70 thousand people do not want Jeff Bezos to return to Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Next month, Jeff Bezos and his brother fly into space. NASA is already preparing them for the flight. Meanwhile, more than 70 thousand people have signed a petition asking to prevent the return of the billionaire to Earth.

Business Insider reports.

Jeff and Mark are set to fly into space on a New Shepard rocket on July 20th.

The petition came three days after the billionaire announced his flight into space. The meaning of the petition is this: people do not want billionaires to live on the planet. They should not be in space or on Earth. But if they decide to fly to another planet, then let them stay there. In just 10 days, the petition was signed by 50 thousand people, and their number continues to grow.

In total, two petitions were created: in one they forbade the Bezos brothers to fly into space, in the second they asked not to allow his return.

The Bezos brothers are planning to make the flight, which will last 11 minutes. Together with them will fly one more person, whose name was not disclosed. He bought a ticket at an auction for US $ 28 million.

The petition was created by Jose Ortiz, it was he who compared the billionaire with a fictional character. The man compares the founder of the Blue Origin space station to Lex Luthor (one of the main antagonists of the DC universe).


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