7 ways to slow down the aging of the body

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the consequences of aging is loose skin. But the situation can be remedied by several means.

Sagging skin can occur for a variety of reasons. These can be age-related changes or prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation. However, as the author notes, there are seven ways to deal with flabbiness.

1- Bananas. These fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that improve the condition of the skin, maintain its elasticity, and smooth out wrinkles.

2- Coconut oil. It will help slow down the aging process, moisturize the skin, reduce pores and wrinkles.

3- Tomato juice. Allows you to achieve an even skin tone. In addition, it fights flaking, tightens the skin. To do this, you need to moisten a cotton pad with it, wipe your face, leave for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse everything off.

Seven ways to slow down the aging of the body 2

4- Yoghurt. Eliminates wrinkles, fine lines, makes the skin softer. If you mix yogurt and lemon juice, you get a product that effectively tightens the skin.

5- Aloe Vera . Allows you to make the skin more elastic, tightens it. You can also use aloe vera and eggs to make a face mask.

6- Honey. Has a moisturizing effect on the skin, tightens it, slows down sagging, smoothes wrinkles.

7- Eggs. They increase the elasticity of the skin, improve its condition, and promote cell regeneration.


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