7 places in the solar system most likely to have life

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of scientists led by Dimitra Atri from New York University in Abu Dhabi has named seven space objects that can be inhabited by living organisms.

Researchers led by Dimitra Atri of New York University Abu Dhabi determined in a recent study which planets or moons are most likely to harbor life. To do this, they calculated the microbial habitability index (MHI) of all celestial bodies.

To create MHI, scientists took several steps. First, they identified parameters that affect the suitability of a particular environment for life.

There were six of them: pressure, temperature, salinity, pH, ionizing radiation and ultraviolet radiation. The next step was to determine the types of environments that are on Earth and can be found on other planets or satellites.

Seven places in the solar system most likely to have life 2

As a result, seven objects were identified on which life can exist. These are Enceladus , Mars , Europa , Titan , Pluto , Ganymede , Callisto.

It is on them that the environment is most suitable for the habitation of living organisms. The index of microbial habitability was highest in the moon Enceladus. Next come Mars and Europa, also having places where life could originate.


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