7 most amazing places on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Earth is a unique place that constantly throws new mysterious places into the piggy bank of a curious tourist. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a natural wonder of the world, or a man-made masterpiece.

They are shrouded in mysticism, legends are composed about them and scientists who are unable to explain the nature of their origin throw up their hands.

If you are also fascinated by places with inexplicable phenomena that give you goosebumps, then this collection is for you.

1/ Lake Hillier, Australia

The most glamorous lake is located in Australia, and getting close to it is not so easy. Water transport does not go to this place, and not everyone can afford a plane.

7 most amazing places on Earth 2

That is why tourists are not often seen here. Surely you think that the reason for the pink color lies in the algae, which, in combination with salt water, give such a shade to the reservoir? And here it is not.

The reason has not yet been found, but this is definitely not the merit of algae, which simply do not grow in Hallier.

Perhaps it is inhabited by a special type of bacteria that gives the pink tint to the lake. But what kind of bacteria it is has not been studied so far.

2/ Shanai Timpisca, Peru

7 most amazing places on Earth 3

In the depths of the tropical forests of the Peruvian part of the Amazon basin, the dangerous and unique six-kilometer river Shanay-Timpishka boils, which means “Heated by the heat of the sun”.

The temperature of its steam-covered turquoise waters reaches 95°C. Remember how in the fairy tale about the Little Humpbacked Horse:

  • Here, if you want to marry
  • And become handsome, –
  • You are without a dress, light,
  • Bathe in milk;
  • Stay here in boiled water,
  • And then in the cold room,
  • And I’ll tell you father
  • You will be a great fellow!

But the unfortunate boiled frogs that can be seen in the water proved that all this is nonsense. Putting your hand in water for just a couple of seconds, you can only get a third-degree burn.

Until now, scientists are trying to unravel the mystery of the boiling river. There are no thermal sources nearby, and the nearest active volcano that could heat water is 645 kilometers away.

So far, researchers are inclined to believe that water reaches such temperatures due to the fact that it seeps deep underground, heats up there and comes out through cracks and faults. But this is just a theory.

3/ Rama Bridge built 1.7 million years ago, Sri Lanka and India

7 most amazing places on Earth 4

An incredibly breathtaking view of the natural formation opens from space, which, like a 35-kilometer bridge, connects the Hindustan Peninsula and Ceylon. But did nature build it? Not everyone agrees with this version.

In India, some people seriously believe that the bridge is an artificial formation, built by King Ram in order to head for Ceylon with his army.

Muslims believe that Adam crossed this bridge and stood in Ceylon on one leg for 1000 years in repentance.

It is thanks to this legend that the bridge has another name – Adam’s Bridge. These versions are not groundless.

In this layer cake, hard rock comes first, over which is sand, covered with a mixture of pebbles, limestone and corals. At the very top, like a cherry on a cake, is sea sand.

But the strange thing is that the pebbles were higher than the sand. Therefore, many have decided that this is an artificial formation.

But there were also skeptics who suggested that the creation of the bridge was facilitated by the melting of ice at the end of the ice age, during which the layers could well have changed places.

4/ Devil’s Bridge, Germany

7 most amazing places on Earth 5

The name of the architect who built the incredibly beautiful Rakotzbrücke basalt bridge, located in the Azalea and Rhododendron Kromlau park in Gablenz, is still not known.

A perfect circle in the reflection of still waters, like a portal to parallel worlds, attracts tourists who want to sail under the bridge on a boat on a full moon and make a wish.

But how could such beauty be called Damn?

It is said that during the construction of the bridge, an unknown architect made a deal with the devil to complete the project in his place in exchange for the soul of the first person to cross the bridge.

But the architect decided to cheat and let the dog cross the bridge. The angry devil rushed into the water and did not appear again. Hence the name “Devil’s Bridge” appeared.

5/ Fly Geyser, USA

7 most amazing places on Earth 6

Can a miracle be both man-made and natural? Maybe! The little Fly Geyser in Nevada is proof of that. And all thanks to the fact that in 1916 in the provincial district of Washoe in the state of Nevada they decided to dig a well.

But 50 years later, the well started to leak. And nature intervened in the “face” of the underground reservoir of hot and compressed water. So in 1964, a geyser appeared on the Fly ranch, which erupts jets of hot water to a height of 15 meters, forming around itself a “mini-volcano” of mineral deposits.

If suddenly you are going to visit the geyser in person, be prepared for the fact that you will be met by a completely different giant that looks at you from the photo. Its size does not exceed six meters in height.

It’s all about a good angle, which one tourist once captured in a photo, and the photo scattered all over the Internet. “Small, but remote” he managed to win the hearts of millions.

Heat-loving bacteria have painted the stones in all the colors of the rainbow. This synthesis of the beauty of animate and inanimate nature is a stunning sight, regardless of its size.

6/ Thor’s Well, USA

7 most amazing places on Earth 7

The mysterious well of Thor with a diameter of 5 meters in the state of Oregon is called as soon as they are called: both “The Path to the Unknown” and “The Gate to the Underworld”. Every day, an hour before high tide, a hellishly beautiful show created by nature begins here.

Water with noise and roar rushes deep into the funnel, and then abruptly “shoots” up a six-meter fountain, forming a whirlwind of spray.

The mysterious well still carefully keeps its secrets. Neither scientists nor divers to this day know what is at the bottom, and whether it exists at all.

Diving there is too dangerous. Scientists suggest that the well arose as a result of volcanic activity. Perhaps this is a whole system of branches, caves and grottoes, through which the water, as it were, dissolves into the coast.

Among the tourists there are daredevils who are trying to look into the eyes of the unknown, standing on the very edge of the well and risking falling inside.

7/ Gate to Hell, Turkmenistan

7 most amazing places on Earth 8

The Darvaza gas crater, also known as the “Gates of Hell”, was originally the most common natural gas crater until Soviet geologists threw a match at it in 1971.

While drilling a well, geologists stumbled upon a void in the rock, as a result of which the earth collapsed, forming a huge hole that was filled with gas.

To prevent the spread of methane and other toxic gases, geologists decided to set fire to it, claiming that it would burn for a couple of days and go out.

But the “eternal flame” in the crater with a diameter of 60 meters is still burning, to the delight of tourists.


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