7 fulfilled prophecies of Nostradamus

(ORDO NEWS) — On December 14, 1503, Michel de Nostradamus was born in the town of Saint-Remy-de-Provence, who went down in history as Nostradamus. He left about a thousand quatrains in which he predicted the fate of the world until the end of time. We have selected 7 of them, the most closely coinciding with reality.

1.On July 10, 1559, while Nostradamus was still alive, King Henry II died. During a duel with the Earl of Montgomery at a knightly tournament, a sharp fragment of a wooden spear accidentally fell into the slot of the king’s helmet and pierced his eye. Shocked contemporaries immediately associated this event with the quatrain of the predictor:

The young lion will overcome the old.

On the battlefield in a solo duel.

He will gouge out his eyes in a golden cage.

Two fleets will merge into one, then he will die a terrible death.

After this, the prophecies of Nostradamus began to be taken seriously.

2. When the fork is supported by two stakes.

With six body halves and six open scissors:

Very powerful Sovereign, heir to the toads.

Then he will subdue, under him the whole universe.

“Forking, supported by two stakes” is the letter M, the Roman designation of the number 1000. “Six body halves” are the letters C, representing the number 100 in Rome, so six body halves add up to 600. “Six open scissors” – the letters X, representing the number 10, add up to 60. Together these symbols give the year: 1660, and the “toads” are the ancient symbol of France. It turns out that the king of France must subdue the entire universe in 1660. The most powerful king of France, Louis XIV, gained real power after the death of Cardinal Mazarin, in March 1661, so the prophecy can be considered relatively accurate (although it was still far from the conquest of the universe to the Sun King).

3. In the year five hundred and eighty more or less,

A very strange century will be expected:

In the year seven hundred and three, heaven is a witness.

Several kingdoms will be exchanged for five.

From 1703 to 1714, France fought against Spain, trying to put the grandson of Louis XIV on the throne, who eventually took the crown and went down in history as Philip V. As for the “strange century”, there were no banal centuries in the history of Europe at all.

4. Not far from Italy an emperor will be born,

Which will cost the kingdom dearly.

They will say, seeing with what people he enters into an alliance.

That this is more a butcher than a prince.

Those who trust the prophecies believe that this quatrain refers to Napoleon Bonaparte, a native of Corsica.

5. Received too late. The deed has already happened.

Headwind. The letters were intercepted on the way.

Fourteen participants in the conspiracy.

The venture will be started by Rousseau.

In 1899, 14 jurors, based on fabricated documents, found French officer Alfred Dreyfus guilty of passing classified information to the enemy. The judge was the anti-Semite Waldeck Russo. The Dreyfus affair escalated into a massive political clash between protective and democratic forces, and in 1906 Dreyfus was fully acquitted.

6. “The exile will return to the kingdom,

Her enemies will be punished.

Her triumph will be complete.

Seventy-three years will pass on pain of death ”

If by “exile” we mean the Bolshevik party, which returned to Russia in 1917 from exile and emigration, then 73 years of totalitarianism “under pain of death” seem to be a very accurate fulfillment of the prophecy.

7. In his work “Preface to Henry the Happy”, Nostradamus speaks of a certain husband who will appear from the 50th latitude and bring renewal to the entire church. As you know, at the 50th latitude is the city of Krakow, where Karol Wojtyla was born, he is His Holiness John Paul II.


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