6 stereotypes about men and women, confirmed by science

(ORDO NEWS) — Ladies, do not be offended, but men are better at navigating the terrain than you. Men, do not be offended, but ladies are better than you at coping with several things at the same time.

These are not just words – this is confirmed by modern scientific research. So don’t even bother arguing the next time you hear that…

1. Men are selfish

6 stereotypes about men and women confirmed by science 1

Now scientists confirm that men are practically devoid of sympathy, hate showdowns and simply turn off their hearing when they complain or start to “nag”. The only being that a man is able to sincerely empathize with, showing the full range of emotions, is himself.

After interviewing 20,000 men and women, Australian researchers found that men are practically not affected by various events in the life of their partners, while women are actively involved and are excited about what happens in the lives of their partners.

2. Women are talkative

6 stereotypes about men and women confirmed by science 2

Neuropsychiatrist Luanne Brisendine has calculated that women speak an average of 20,000 words a day, at least twice as many as the average man. In addition, they have faster speech, more brain cells are involved in the conversation, and in childhood, girls begin to speak earlier than boys.

And in girls, the FOXP2 protein is 30% more active, which, for simplicity, was even called the “speech gene”, since it is responsible for the correct development of speech and language skills.

3. Men are funnier

6 stereotypes about men and women confirmed by science 3

In 2011, psychologists at the University of California, led by Professor Laura Meeks, asked men and women to come up with funny captions for pictures and then sent them without attribution to the jury. Would you be surprised to learn that all the winning slogans were invented by men?

Perhaps this is what nature itself ordered: humor is an important weapon of a man in the matter of “conquering” a woman.

4. Women can’t drink

Narcologists told what will happen to the body if you often drink beer

This is explained at the level of biology: in the human body, isoenzymes, or rather, their special group, dehydrogenases, are responsible for the breakdown of alcohol.

Most men have enough of them, but women have such enzymes in short supply. Add to this a lower body weight than men and you will get an answer why women get drunk faster and tolerate alcohol worse.

5. Men are better oriented

6 stereotypes about men and women confirmed by science 5

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology conducted an experiment involving 18 men and 18 women. They had to work their way through a virtual labyrinth while completing various tasks. Men excelled, completing 50% more tasks than women.

The results showed that men choose the shortest, most direct and easiest way, focusing on the cardinal points. Women have a completely different approach, they make far from optimal routes, but at the same time they find things faster in a close radius.

All this is a legacy of the distant cave past, when men left for prey, and women remained to guard the shelter, scientists explain.

6. Women can do many things at the same time

6 stereotypes about men and women confirmed by science 6

This was proven in 2010 by psychologists at the University of Hertfordshire. The participants in the study – 50 boys and 50 girls – had to complete 3 tasks at the same time within 8 minutes: solve arithmetic problems, find restaurants on the map and make a plan to find the key hidden in an imaginary field.

In addition, they were periodically distracted by phone calls, and if they picked up the phone, they received additional questions on general erudition. Wow testik, right?

As a result, women coped with all tasks without much difficulty, but men got stuck on the strategic task of finding the key.

“We expected that men who have better developed spatial imagination would quickly cope with the map and the key, but for some reason their search strategy was illogical,” said Professor Keith Lowes.

For example, they started looking for the key in the center of the field and left a lot of unverified places. And the women started from one corner and, having “combed” the entire field, ended up on the opposite one.”

In general, the test showed that even when there is a lot of work and time is running out, women are able to find a moment to stop and think carefully.


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