6 signs of impending heart failure to look out for

(ORDO NEWS) — Heart disease is still the leading cause of premature death, so it is important to know their early symptoms and take action in time. Today we will talk about the signs of heart failure in men and women.

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart cannot work as efficiently as it used to, and the blood it pumps is not enough for the full functioning of the body.

As with any serious illness, it is important to detect heart failure as early as possible so that the damage is minimal and so that treatment can begin as soon as possible. Here are a few characteristic, but subtle symptoms of heart failure that will help recognize the development of the disease.


With heart failure, the blood supply to the internal organs is reduced and it becomes more difficult for them to work.

One of the first “interruptions” is noticed by the lungs, so shortness of breath in heart failure appears even when performing very simple actions that were previously dealt with literally jokingly. Therefore, if you suddenly notice something similar in yourself, try to see a doctor as soon as possible.


With heart failure, the work of the kidneys worsens, which cannot cope with the “utilization” of salt and fluid, so swelling is another sign of heart problems that most often form in the feet and ankles. Habitual shoes become tighter, and socks leave gum prints on the skin? See a cardiologist, this could be a serious symptom.

6 signs of impending heart failure to look out for 2Almost a million new cases of the disease are diagnosed in the Russian Federation every year. Half of patients with heart failure live no more than five years, a significant proportion of them die within just one year. However, with the right treatment, patients can live for many years, which is why it is important to see a doctor when the first symptoms of heart failure appear

Cough and wheezing in the lungs

A cough that gets worse when you lie down and at night is a very serious sign of heart failure, and if you notice it, you need to see a doctor. The fact is that with problems with the heart, fluid sometimes accumulates in the lungs, which can lead to edema, a potentially fatal condition.


Dizziness after climbing stairs, fatigue after light cleaning – do not rush to attribute all these symptoms to age or stress.

With heart disease, our body, being unable to pump enough blood for the normal functioning of vital organs, compensates for the shortage by depriving the muscles of nutrition. So if you suffer from fatigue, it may be a sign of heart failure.

Digestive problems

Decreased appetite, nausea, indigestion – all this can occur due to the fact that the organs of the digestive system are not supplied with blood to a sufficient extent. And this is a sign of developing heart failure.

Rapid pulse

Heart rate is one of the three most important parameters (along with blood pressure and sugar levels) that are important to constantly monitor in order to maintain the health of the cardiovascular system.

Constantly rapid heart rate can also be a symptom of heart failure – this indicates that the heart is experiencing increased stress and needs help.


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