6 Frightening Secrets of the US Government That Became Known to Everyone

(ORDO NEWS) — We hear a lot of conspiracy theories about UFOs, world government and Area 51. But which ones are really true?

From alien vehicles to Bigfoot, it’s all the US government has researched and hidden in its libraries.

The Pentagon has a UFO research program

Among the Pentagon’s most secretive programs is the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The program was dedicated to investigating reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), but the State Department of Defense claimed for years that it didn’t exist.

When its existence was finally confirmed, the Pentagon began to claim that the program stopped receiving funds in 2012, but many believe that it continues to work to this day.

Apple’s Top Secret iPod

The tech company was working with the US Department of Energy on a secret project as early as 2005, according to former Apple engineer David Scheier. The “special iPod” was supposed to act like a Geiger counter, checking the level of radiation in the air.

“You can walk around the city, casually listening to your tunes, while recording the level of radioactivity around. This could help identify, for example, smuggled or stolen uranium, or find evidence of a dirty bomb program—with no chance of the press or the public getting wind of what’s going on,” Scheier wrote.

The FBI was tracking Bigfoot

Apparently, the FBI does indeed have dossiers on everyone, including such mystical creatures as Sasquatch. Deep in the FBI library, you can find the agency’s dossier on Bigfoot. The files are only released when the subject is dead, which not only indicates that the figure is real, but also suggests that the agency believes him to be dead.

6 Frightening Secrets of the US Government That Became Known to Everyone 2

CIA dragonfly robot

Thanks to James Bond and other spy movies, we imagine that there are so many spy technologies that you can follow every person in the world, but the reality is much better than you can imagine.

At least, that’s what one might think when the CIA displayed never-before-seen devices from the 1970s at its museum in Washington, DC. Among the gadgets was a drone-like dragonfly known to the CIA as the “insectotopter”.

The Pentagon May Own Alien Vehicles

The Pentagon has always been silent about whether a funded UFO program even exists. However, claims have been made that the government is in possession of alien vehicles.

Astrophysicist Eric Davis, who consulted on the Pentagon’s UFO program, has examined numerous materials that he considers “extraterrestrial vehicles not created on this planet.”


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