5G equipment installed on Everest

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Huawei on its website reported that 5G equipment was installed on Everest. Now this is the highest point in the world where there is such equipment.

As stated in the report Huawei, the company teamed up for the project with operator China Mobile. 5G base stations were installed at an altitude of 6500 meters, as well as at an altitude of 5300 meters and 5800 meters.

With HoloSens ‘smart’ video surveillance system, Huawei delivers high-quality video streaming with optimization options. It is reported that the network always remains turned on even at the top of Everest.

The project may be useful for climbers, scientists and other specialists. In general, the network is designed to re-measure Everest. Media noted that after completion of the measurement work, the equipment will be dismantled.


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