57 thousand years under the ice: a well-preserved mummy of a wolf cub was found in Canada

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(ORDO NEWS) — For 57 thousand years, a young female wolf hid in the permafrost, which was recently found mummified. The discovery was made in ice in the Yukon (Canada) back in 2016.

According to scientists, the discovery near the Klondike gold deposits, which are near Dawson, is an incredibly complete example of an ancient wolf. Absolutely everything has survived: soft tissues, skin and even a small nose.

Scientists from the University of Des Moines in Iowa conducted radiocarbon dating and also took DNA samples. The information helped establish the exact date when the wolf died. Interestingly, death occurred only at the age of 7 weeks. The animal was named Zhur.

The body of Jour is also important for the reason that it was stored in North America. Experts were able to study the question of where the North American wolves could have originated.

Analysis of the genome in the energy structures of cells showed a number of similarities with the Beringian wolves, which are no longer alive, and with the Russian gray wolves. It follows from this that the two continents were previously connected by a land “bridge”.

Another interesting point – wolves ate mainly fish (chinook salmon). Modern members of the family also often support a fish diet.


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