54-year-old Australian woman gives birth to her own grandson

(ORDO NEWS) — Australian resident Marie Arnold, who lives in Tasmania, became a mother at 54. At the same time, she is the child’s grandmother. A woman was carrying a baby for her 28-year-old daughter.

Marie made the decision to act as a surrogate mother for her own daughter and carry her child and her own grandson.

The reason for this was a completely disappointing diagnosis, which was made by Meagan, the daughter of an Australian, at the age of 17. Specialists then diagnosed her with a disease that cannot be treated – Meyer-Rokitansky-K├╝ster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH). It is because of him that the girl is unable to bear the baby on her own.

Megan always dreamed of becoming a mother, but she was very afraid that this would never happen. Her hope for a happy motherhood was even lessened after the baby, carried by a surrogate mother from Canada, died at 21 weeks of pregnancy.

Marie sincerely wanted to help her daughter, so she went to undergo the necessary medical examination. The analyzes showed that the woman completely lacked any contraindications.

She endured without problems and gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby. The newborn was born on January 13 by caesarean section. The boy was named Winston.

Marie has five children and works on her own farm. She said that the birth went perfectly and she is happy that she was able to bear her grandson and fulfill her daughter’s dream.

At the same time, Marie shared the fact that earlier her three attempts to bear a child ended in failure. The reason for this could be her age, so she took special medicines for some time to make her body stronger.


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