5,000-year-old mass grave revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — Anthropologists, together with archaeologists, conducted a forensic medical examination and established why the hunter died, who was buried about 5,000 years ago in a huge mass grave.

The analysis showed that it was this man who drowned. The rest of the people whose remains were found in the burial, died for other reasons.

A team of specialists took up microscopic analysis of the bone marrow, which was carefully removed from the body of a man who died several millennia ago.

It is worth noting that the burial was discovered directly on the coast in northern Chile. During the analysis, it was possible to establish the presence of a huge amount of marine microparticles, as well as sedimentary deposits and even fossilized algae.

Previously, some standard tests were carried out, which did not provide any result, and scientists did not detect these particles with their help.

Based on the information received, it can be assumed that a person who lived in the Neolithic era drowned in salt water. A man died at the age of 35-45. Most likely, he was part of a hunter-gatherer community, or even a fisherman. Experts note that the man drowned when he was in shallow water.

Initially, experts thought that the mass grave was made after some serious natural disaster happened. For example, a tsunami.

Another study showed that only one person was buried in this grave, the cause of death of which was that he choked on sea water.

No marine microparticles could be found in the remains of other people. Most likely, the fisherman was the victim of an accident at sea. The rest of the buried could die as a result of hunger.


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