5-year-old boy recalls a past life as a soldier in the Vietnam War

(ORDO NEWS) — The following is a real case that was investigated by the Department of Perceptual Research at the University of Virginia School of Medicine…

Grant, a five-year-old boy from the Midwest, surprised his mother with an unusual question: Does she remember when he was in the war?

Grant went on to describe his experiences in the army, on the coast and in the jungle, and he could even remember the exact year: 1969.

It sounded very much like Vietnam; not exactly a typical theme for kindergarten in the 1990s.

Was Grant just a suspicious child, or was he reminiscing about a past life? How could his parents verify their son’s strange claims?

A possible answer came when Grant began to recall details about when he supposedly lived before.

He believed he went to Central High School and then went to war, where he died in an explosion at the age of twenty-one. He claimed that his surname was Slaven.

Now Grant’s mother had something to work with, and armed with such an unusual last name as Slaven, she hoped she could identify him.

She searched the Vietnam Memorial database and found a twenty-one-year-old man named Slaven who actually died during the war.

Still skeptical about her son’s fantasy story, she came up with a test.

She printed out various photographs of young people from the site and prepared an identification. Grant immediately pointed to Slaven’s photo and said, “Oh, it’s me.”

Soon researchers of past lives got down to business and began to study the life of Slaven. As Grant claimed, Slaven attended Central High School.

When Grant was shown images of Slaven High School and another Central High School, he pointed to the correct one.

Investigators repeated this test with more image pairs, including Slaven’s childhood home, his parents, teachers, and classmates. Grant scored six points out of six by correctly choosing an image in each pair that matched Slaven’s life.

Past life researchers often focus their research on children like Grant. For some reason, children are more likely to recall specific details of a past life.

However, with age, these memories fade, and by about the age of six, they stop talking about past lives altogether.

In addition, children are much less exposed to historical information that can subconsciously influence their statements.

Another young child who claimed to have served as a pilot in World War II could even describe the details of aircraft from that era.

Researchers believe that such highly specialized knowledge in young children may be indicative of stored memories of a past life.


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