5 simple ways to save money that will help you survive

(ORDO NEWS) — In an environment of high uncertainty, it is important to remain calm and avoid impulsive spending. But this is just one of 5 effective ways to save money.

In the face of uncertainty, price spikes, and expected shortages of some imported goods, it is important not to run headlong for sugar and cereals like some dim witted individuals, but to think about how to save your money and get through a difficult period.

We will not tell you how to increase money or keep it from inflation this is a topic for a separate large material. We will only show you some of the most obvious (but no less effective) ways to save money that few people remember about.

Planning and budgeting

From every iron they say that in order to save money now it is best to refrain from large and unplanned purchases, postponing them for later or completely refusing.

Due to sanctions and increased demand, fueled by fears of rising prices and shortages, commodity prices began to rise much faster. Because of this, many of them are clearly overpriced today. After the situation stabilizes and demand falls, prices may fall and become relatively adequate

One of the most effective ways to save is simple budget planning. Look at how much money you spend on food, utilities, parking fees, gas, daycare, and so on. Put some of the money in unforeseen expenses, and set aside the rest after deducting expenses from income – you may need it.


Find the best cashback card and use it to pay for your purchases. It is desirable that the accrual of points takes place in rubles per card, regardless of the amount in this regard, SberSpasibo bonuses are not very similar, just like the bonus system of Otkritie Bank.

But during the “cashback fever”, do not forget about the first way to save money: it’s still better to refrain from unnecessary purchases and not get cashback than vice versa.

Cost optimization

If you look at your expenses, you will surely notice a ratio that describes the Pareto law well: 80% of the money you spend on 20% of the items of expenditure.

These are the ones to look out for if you want to save money. It doesn’t make much sense to cut items that account for a couple percent of your spending  it’s much better to think about cutting back on large expenses.

For example, if you spend a significant portion of your money on gas, groceries, and paying off loans, then:

  • find a service that monitors prices at gas stations and fill up at the one where gasoline is the cheapest;
  • look at the prices of essential products on the websites of retail chains and find where which product is the cheapest;
  • look at what opportunities there are to mitigate the terms of repayment on a loan – credit holidays, lower interest rates on preferential state programs, and so on

Find free analogues

Review your spending on various services and try to find free or less expensive alternatives. For example, if you pay several hundred rubles a month for a subscription to one online cinema, it may make sense to abandon it in favor of an analogue with a large collection of free TV shows and movies.

Or, for example, you can change the tariff of the Internet and mobile provider to a cheaper one, but with a lower speed/service package. You may even be able to find a tariff with another operator with the same packages, but at a lower price – then it will be doubly profitable.

Pay attention to used

Appliances, cars and many other things will soon be just as expensive. If your TV is broken, the iron is no longer the same, or you urgently need a phone, you can pay attention to the secondary market. Many people are selling at a fairly low price devices that are in near perfect condition.

Here, of course, one must be able to choose, pay attention to shortcomings and understand which of them are critical and which are not. If you know how to bargain well, then you can save a lot of money here.

But do not rush to spend all the savings calculate how much you could win and set aside this amount. Gradually, you will form an airbag so that in which case you can afford the big purchases you need.


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