5 reasons why social media can lead to depression

(ORDO NEWS) — According to a study by scientists from Harvard University, social networks can actually cause mental disorders.

Moreover, certain types of publications influence people in this way. About them – in the material.

In 2021, according to The Daily Mail, scientists analyzed the emotional state of 5,400 residents of the United States over the age of 55.

It turned out that the more often they used social networks, the more depressed they became. And indeed there are things in social networks that can provoke a nervous breakdown or drive you into depression.

1-””Successful success”“. Many people like to show off their achievements on social networks.

2- Eternal rest. If someone goes on vacation, be sure to post it on Instagram. When there are too many such photos in the feed, there may be a false feeling that everyone around is resting, but you alone are not.

Five reasons why social media can lead to depression 2

3- Motivational messages. Something like “Get out of your comfort zone, feel the high vibrations, catch the insight!” However, in reality, even few people understand what this means. At the same time, many people like that the phrases sound beautiful and that they “motivate”.

4- “Expensive and rich”. Social networks create the illusion that money and fame come easily. In fact, a whole team is working on the image of celebrities. People try to feel successful and get frustrated when they realize that they are not up to the level of a star.

5- Family life without any problems. This picture is not at all like real life. Therefore, psychologists advise not to be upset when you realize such a discrepancy. In addition, it will be useful to reduce the amount of time spent on social networks.


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