5 gloomy professions that are in demand during the crisis

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to US media reports, last week, 5.2 million Americans first applied for unemployment benefits. In total, starting from March 14, such a statement was first filed by 22 million Americans.

The situation on the labor market turned out to be extremely difficult not only in the USA, but also in other countries where many people were unemployed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

In some countries, the government provides assistance to people and businesses so that people do not lose income at a time when they are forced to not work.

However, as noted by BusinessInsider experts, there are professions for which demand does not decline even during times of crisis.

As a rule, these are not the most pleasant professions, however, representatives of these professions will be in a more favorable position, while others will lose their jobs. Below we will talk about these professions in more detail.

1. Grave diggers

Grave diggers are needed in any cemetery. This work requires a lot of physical strength and a lot of work, as the grave diggers are engaged in digging graves.

This is not the most pleasant and joyful profession, but there are pluses.

In particular, this profession is always in demand, as people die regardless of the economic situation in the country and the world.

In addition, various tools are increasingly being used, so this reduces a person’s physical effort.

2. Employee of the crematorium

In Western countries, cremation is more popular than in our country, however, with us it is becoming an increasingly common opportunity.

In addition to technical work, crematorium employees are also involved in the processing of various documents.

This work does not require higher education, while the employees of this institution will always work, they will always need workers, which means that the risks of being left without work will be low.

3. Owners of funeral services bureaus

Undoubtedly, in order to work with funeral directors, you need to have strong nerves. First of all, this is due to the fact that you have to communicate with the relatives of the deceased, which often requires great calm.

Among other things, you need to be attentive to details and be able to communicate with people. You will need to think through everything – plan, organize, distribute responsibilities among employees.

If you decide to organize just such a business, you can be sure that the services of your bureau will always be in demand, no matter how serious the crisis in the country is.

4. Funeral Home Officer

Any employee of the funeral home will also be in demand, regardless of what functions he performs. The director or owner of the bureau communicates with the relatives of the deceased, while employees who perform certain tasks during the organization of the funeral do not always have to come into direct contact with relatives, which, of course, is a bonus for many.

Salaries may vary depending on what functions an employee performs.

5. Medical examiner

The medical examiner has qualifications in the field of jurisprudence and medicine, both of these areas are related to dead people. It is these people who are involved in establishing the causes of death, they are invited to the scene of the crime.

These people have very high qualifications, they have to study a lot and get higher education in order to do their job.

Undoubtedly, this is very hard work, which requires not only a high level of knowledge, but also a high level of stress resistance, as forensic experts have to face very difficult situations and go to the most unpleasant places.

Since this work is accompanied by a high level of stress, not everyone is ready to work in this profession, so each such employee is worth its weight in gold.

In addition, even during times of crisis, this profession will be in demand.


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