5 dogs with the most powerful jaws in the world

(ORDO NEWS) — Very often we do not even suspect what our shaggy pet, a predator by origin and a killer by vocation, is capable of. Yes, in the course of evolution, many breeds of dogs have become companions to humans, forgetting about their original function.

At the same time, many were specially taken out for protection, honing their official function. And if a Labrador Retriever can only lick you to death, then there are breeds whose bite is comparable in strength to much larger predators.

What’s more, some dog breeds are capable of clenching their jaws to the maximum for up to three hours! But first things first – we present you the rating of dogs with the strongest bite.

With the nature of a particular breed, it is less and less clear: there are frankly aggressive and difficult to manage, there are perfectly trained and balanced dogs. But with the direct ability to bite and do it as efficiently as possible, everything is not so simple.

There are several very important parameters here. First, the strength of the dog’s jaw. This value is measured in newtons: it is incorrect to measure bite force in atmospheres, since this is a unit of pressure, while newton is a measure of force.

Secondly, the structure of the dog’s jaw. There are several types of bites: scissor bite (classic), pincer bite, undershot and others.

This determines how strong the bite will be: the effectiveness of the grip during the attack and the distribution of force over the entire surface of the bite. The third important parameter is the time to hold the maximum bite force.

5 dogs with the most powerful jaws in the world 2


Rottweilers are rightfully considered the coolest in terms of physical fitness and size ratio to this value. The bite force of this breed of dog is on average 1500 N – not the largest among dogs.

For comparison, the average person has about the same bite force, but we are not able to keep our jaws closed for any long time, and the structure of our teeth is so-so compared to a Rottweiler.

And this dog is able not only to hold the victim for a long time, but also a scissor bite, coupled with instinctive sharp head movements, literally tear the victim apart.

5 dogs with the most powerful jaws in the world 3


The most powerful and strong breed of guard dogs was used, like the Rottweiler, to protect herds from larger predators (wolves, jackals and even bears).

It is this breed of dogs that has the strongest bite – 1700 N, only a hundred newtons less than that of a polar bear, but much stronger than a wolf bite. At the same time, Kangals are extremely loyal and even gentle to children (this potential killer is often called a nanny), they have a calm disposition and a sharp mind.

5 dogs with the most powerful jaws in the world 4

Bull terrier

An absolute killer – without proper training, the bull terrier turns into a big problem. Don’t be confused by the modest size and not the greatest jaw compression force – 1100 N. Firstly, the peculiarity of this breed is that with special exercises the jaw power can be increased to 1500 N.

And secondly, this is the most patient breed capable of holding sacrifice up to three hours in a row! At the same time, the dog has a wonderful character, cynologists even talk about her cheerful disposition, she is well trained, and aggressive behavior is not typical for this breed.

5 dogs with the most powerful jaws in the world 5

American bandog

According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 29, 2019, this breed, among a dozen others, is among the potentially dangerous.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia considered them to have genetically determined qualities of aggression and force and pose a potential danger to human life and health.

And if the bite force of bandogs is average, about 1400 N, then, coupled with a harsh character and a massive physique, this is an excellent bodyguard, an excellent fighter in the “pit” and… a born killer.

5 dogs with the most powerful jaws in the world 6

Pit bull terrier

There was a time when this breed of dog was very popular in North America, even the 26th President of America, Theodore Roosevelt, had a pit bull.

However, the complex nature, coupled with zooaggression, instinctive protection of resources and incredible strength (when bitten, the force of jaw compression in an untrained pit bull reaches 1450 N) turned pit bulls into a potentially dangerous dog.

By the way, even Roosevelt had an embarrassment because of his beloved dog when she bit the French ambassador on the leg. As a result, today there are a lot of restrictions for pit bull owners, and in some countries this breed is completely prohibited.


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